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Books and Boobs

I love reading! It's what I do every spare second I have and of course what I do instead of sleeping most of the night. ;) I love books that make me feel strong emotion; it doesn't matter what that emotion is, I just want to feel deeply. I want a book that I will remember, one that stands out and doesn't blur story-lines with all the others out there like it. I have to have angst in my books, the more the better! I love books that have smart and strong heroines. My favorite characters are ones that are funny, witty, and sarcastic. I love sarcasm! I have a thing for hot, tattooed, alpha males that are protective and possessive. My books don't have to have a HEA; I enjoy it both ways. I like to read a series of books together. I hate cliff hangers if the next book isn't out already. I'm much too impatient to wait for the story to continue. Reading is my obsession, my addiction, my favorite past-time. There is nothing like a great book!